Nose Hair Trimmer Review:

In addition to beard trimmers and shavers, a nose hair cutter is a standard feature for male grooming and personal hygiene.

Nose hair trimmers, also called nasal hair cutters, aid in the gentle removal of hair in the nose or ears.
In order for the trimmer to work without pain, it is important that it
just cuts the hair and does not pluck.

As you will find out on this page, good devices are already available for a small amount of money, so there are no bad excuses for not getting one.

After that being said, let´s take a look at the different Models:

# 1:



With its very unusual form, the Philips NT9110 differs significantly from other nose hair cutters. If other nasal hair trimmers usually have a round head, the NT9110 is elongated.

Processing Quality

The housing of the Philips nose hair trimmer is made of a simple plastic.
The upper part of the handle is coated with a black rubber coating.

The material quality is not bad, but basically it is quite simple.
On the whole, however, processing can be convincing.


The operation of a nose hair cutter is, of course, very simple.
Before cutting the nasal hair, the supplied battery must be inserted.

The battery compartment can be opened easily, by turning left.
After having that done, the  battery is inserted with the positive pole first and the cover is turned up again.

The device is easy to clean using water.


Admittedly, at first we had a few concerns to insert the elongated head of the Philips NT9110 into the nose and also turn it on. The concern is unfounded.

The Philips Trimmer does not injure the nasal walls.
Nevertheless, it is a very unusual feeling to deal with the long shaving head so deeply in the nose.

Cutting with this trimmer requires a little “getting used to it” compared to other products. On the Philips model, the trimmer should be rotated counterclockwise inside of the nose.

The scissors head should then slide along the inner wall of the nose. Thus the nose hair is cut very close to the root.

It does not feel really pleasant . But one gets used to it quickly and is rewarded with a flawless result.
Even when cutting the hair in and on the ears, the special shape of the shaving head can score with better results.

There are two attachments to this model, for the shortening of the eyebrows. Depending on the desired length of the eyebrows, the respective attachment is inserted (3mm or 5mm).
Shortening of the brows works well, but falls somewhat behind compared to the main function of the device.

Our research has shown that on the Internet some users complain about the Nose Hair Trimmer suddenly ceasing service. It can not be switched on again.

This is not really a defect, but a misconduct, if the cutting element is blocked by
dirt and hair.
According to Philips, it helps if the shaving head is soaked in warm water for one or two minutes. After this, the device can be switched on again without problems in most cases.


The NT9110 from Philips is a nose and ear hair trimmer with an alternative concept. It cuts nasal and ear hair without pain.

The result when cutting was one of the best in the test.
The special attachments for the shortening of the eyebrows are a nice gift, but should not be valued making a purchase decision.

The big Pro for this model is its excellent cutting performance.

Shaving Head




    Very good Cutting Performance
✔    Attachments for trimming Eyebrows
    Battery is included


✘    No Bag
✘    tickles when applying

   Scope of Delivery

   2 Attachments for shortening the eyebrows (3 and 5mm)
Cleaning Brush
transparent cover for Shaving Head
Matching Battery

# 2:

Panasonic ER-GN30-K

Hair often grows exactly where you do not want it: in the nose or in the auditory canal.
With the Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose / ear hair cutter, precisely this troublesome hair is solved effortlessly.


Panasonic’s ER-GN30-K has only the essentials: the actual trimmer, a transparent lid and a small cleaning brush. A matching battery, attachments or a LED light is in vain.

Processing Quality

Like all nose hair trimmers on this page, Panasonic´s model is also a lightweight.
The housing is completely made of a simple plastic.
The look is device-like, but not ugly.

It is striking that the trimmer has a slightly curved shape, it is somewhat like a banana.
This curved shape ensures that the nasal hair trimmer fits quite well in the hand.


This nose hair cutter is operated with a normal battery (AA).
The battery compartment is accessible when the lower part of the handle is turned counterclockwise.

Inserting the battery is very simple. A clear indication of how the battery is to be inserted
can be found in the battery compartment.

The ON-Switch is beautifully sized and centrally positioned.
This makes the device easy to operate.

After operation, the Panasonic trimmer can be cleaned very simply and very hygienically. Water and a drop of liquid soap are added to the shaving head.
In the next step, the trimmer is switched on for about 10 seconds, creating  foam on the shaving head.

In order to rinse out the foam, the blue (beneath the shaving head) ring is rotated to the right. This opens a small opening at the side, from which excess water can escape again.

If the shaving head is now held under running water, it will get rinsed out clean and froth-free.
In our test, it was no longer necessary to work with the cleaning brush. All hairs were reliably removed.

By the way: The operating instructions for this nose hair cutter is exemplary.
All important functions (e.g., cleaning) are explained and even illustrated with small pictograms. Other manufacturers could learn from that.


The most important thing with a nose hair trimmer is and remains a reliable removal of
the nasal hair without plucking or tearing.
Nobody wants the nasal hair to be epilated.

The Panasonic ER-GN30 can fully convince in doing exactly that.
The hair is cut off neatly and not pulled.
So trimming of nasal hair without having tears in the eyes can be easily done with this device.


Concerning the Panasonic ER-GN30 one can hardly report anything negative.
Only the fact that the required battery is not included in the scoop of delivery could be mentioned.

So, this nose and ear hair cutter is recommended.
Everything is crafted properly and works as expected. The slightly curved shape makes reaching even hard-to-reach areas easy.

The double blades work cleanly without causing pain. Also the price is ok for this unit.
It is also very advantageous to be able to clean the shaving head with water.


Cleaning System



    Good Shaving Result
✔    Painless Operation
    8-Direction DynamicFlexHeads
    Good Processing


✘    No Battery included

   Scope of Delivery

   Panasonic Trimmer
Lid for Shaving Head
Cleaning Brush

# 3:

Philips Norelco NT9130/40


Visually, the Philips NT9130 looks very handsome and modern with its blue and black body. The materials used are dominated by a kind of plastic.
The processing makes a slightly better impression than the cheaper sister model, since here no “weld seams” are visible.
The processing is basically nothing to complain about.

The enclosed bag is made of a black polyester-like plastic. Inside the bag are
rubber loops, which fix the trimmer and the various accessories.
Thus, all attachments are practically stowed.

Many competing products often do not have a storage option.
Then the accessories are usually lost in a large drawer in the bathroom, or have to be put somewhere else when traveling.


There is very little to do with handling this model. The battery compartment opens by a small turn of the handle and the enclosed battery can be inserted and the device is turned on with one twist.

The only real point of criticism in handling is that the trimmer is switched on and off with the same rotation mechanism that opens the battery compartment.
When turning it off, it can sometimes happen that it is turned a little too far and thus accidentally opens the battery compartment.
There are worse malfunctions, but in a full test this should be mentioned.

Changing the attachments is quite simple and intuitive.
But it is important to ensure that it is positioned correctly.

In order to use the attachment for trimming contours, the normal attachment
has to be removed by a clockwise rotation.
This is also done uncomplicated. The additional comb can be simply fixed on the contour attachment.

In order to remove all small residuals that can be found on the blades from time to
time, Philips recommends to clean it with warm running water.
To do this, position the required part of the trimmer in the water jet and switch on the device. For heavier soiling, the attachment can also be soaked in warm water.


Compared to conventional nasal hair trimmers, the Philips device requires some alteration
in its application.
The operating principle of the Philips NT 9130 is different from that of competing products and its form already implies  this difference.

In nose or ears, the nose hair cutter should be turned counterclockwise.
By means of the elongated cutting head, the hairs are then cut off very close to the inner wall
of the nose. This has the advantage that many hairs can be grasped and thoroughly shaved.

However, this mode of operation also has a small drawback: it is not painful, but from time to time also not really pleasant when the cutting element travels over the nasal skin.
In these cases it feels like a tingling sensation in the nose.

Our test showed that in the case of correct application, hardly any hair remains, while when using conventional nasal hair cutters there was always some hair left in difficult places.

The included eyebrow attachments are a nice addition. They are sufficient for shortening and shaping eyebrows.

Due to its compact design, the small plug-on trimmer can only be seen as a practical addition to a good beard trimmer, but it can not replace it.

Shaving Head

Storage Bag



    Thorough and gentle Shave
✔    many Attachments
    Storage Bag for Trimmer and Attachments
    matching Battery included


✘    Sometimes tickling while Operation

   Scope of Delivery

   Philips NT 9130 Trimmer
Storage Bag
Attachments for Eyebrows, Beard and Contours
Operation Manual

# 4:

Philips Norelco NT3155/60


Now let´s take a lokk at the nose/ear hair cutter  model NT3155/60 from the Philips Series 3000.
The innovative ear and nose hair cutter has the ProtectTube technology, which allows the users and users a safe and pleasant hair removal.

The nose hair cutter from Philips differs significantly in the design of other trimmers. The majority models are equipped with a small, round head, which appears in the form of a tube.
Users of the Philips nasal hair cutter cut their ear and nose hair with a specially designed, elongated shaving head.


The Philips NT3155/60 nose hair cutter comes in ae blister pack, which is difficult to open per se due to safety and anti-theft protection.

The scope of delivery and accessories of the ear and nose hair trimmer are:

  • Protection Cap for the Shaving Head
  • Small Fabric Bag for storing and traveling
  • An AA battery with 1.5 volt voltage for mobile use
  • Two Comb Attachments (3 mm and 5 mm) for the Eyebrows
  • Operating Instructions with Hints and Tips.

The device is made of plastic and equipped with a rubberized handle area, which allows a safe and non-slip operation.
This ear and nasal hair trimmer does not only feel high-quality, but also has got a pleasing, modern design through the combined colors in black and silver.


Users turn on the Philips nose hair cutter by turning the lower part of the device.
By rotating the battery compartment completely, it conveniently opens in order to replace the discharged battery.
It should be noted that the tray can be unintentionally opened during use.

For cleaning, just rotate the shaving head to remove it and rinse it under running water.
The procedure is easy with the functionally advantageous device and can be done within a few seconds.

In the case of harder staining it is advisable to immerse the device with the shaving head in warm water and turn it on.
After 1 to 2 minutes all dirt has dissolved.

To ensure the effective operation of the cutting unit and to maximize the product life, regular cleaning is advisable.
Oiling is not advised.

Cleaning Hints:
On the Internet, user reports of individual users say,  that the nasal hair trimmer after a few weeks would stop the operation.
We did not detect the premature defect in the test period of eight weeks.

The Philips nose hair trimmer has worked easily and reliably.
So, regular cleaning of the shaving head under running water increases the life of the device for sure.


It is at first a strange and unusual feeling to introduce this slightly longer shaving head into the nose.
When inside the nose, the user directs the nasal hair trimmer by turning and tilting it, so that the shaving head can cut all nasal hairs close to the inside of the nose.

The first trimming of the hair perhaps may feel a little bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but the result convinces positively, since the nose hair is cut thoroughly, painlessly and free from any pulling or plucking.
The trimming of the nasal and ear hair worked very well and fast in our test.

The main feature of this Philips model lies primarily in nasal hair and ear hair removal.
The comb attachments for shortening the eyebrows are a useful addition to complement the facial hair care.
The eyebrows are cut short and evenly with the three and five millimeter high attachments. In order to cut the eyebrows precisely and reliably One simply has to glide over the hair spots several times with the device.


After initial skepticism, the Philips NT3155/60 shows reliable results, low-maintenance efforts and precise trimming.
New users quickly become accustomed to the functioning of the device and the pulsing tingling that sometimes occurs when trimming the nose hair. This nasal and ear hair cutters shaves thoroughly and skin-friendly.

Regular cleaning and/or soaking increases the durability and ensures the maximum functionality for pleasant treatments and aesthetic results in the area of ​​the nose, ears and eyebrows.

Eyebrow Trimmer




    Very thorough Shaving
✔    Satisfying Results
    Attachments for Trimming Eyebrows
    Battery included


✘    Sometimes tickles while operating

   Scope of Delivery

2 Comb Attachments (3 mm and 5 mm) for the Eyebrows
matching Battery
⤷   Bag
Operating Instructions with Hints and Tips

# 5:

O’vinna Personal Care Trimmer with LED Light


Works effectively and painless

Processing and Design:

This trimmer looks appealing and noble.
Moreover, the processing does not reveal any defects.

Despite of the shaving head and the protective cap the deviceis made of aluminum in dark anthracite.
The shaving head is made of stainless steel and can be taken off for cleaning.
The protective cap is made of plastic and prevents wear or involuntary destruction of the cutting head.

Also the battery compartment is well processed and protected by a seal against water penetration.


At the beginning turn on the battery compartment and insert an AA battery.
It is quite easy to open and close.

The trimmer is well in the hand, even if it would lie without the corners, thus round, even better in the hand.
But one can place the device well upright onto a shelf, because it has a flat bottom.

The protective cap is easy to pull off and easy to put on again. It sits firmly and does not simply go off in a bag.

The trimmer can be operated easily and intuitively via the on / off switch, a slider on the front.


This trimmer does his job efficiently and has enough power.
It remains constant in performance, no matter what resistance. It removes the hair without any pulling or other pain. However, it becomes thicker downwards, so that you can not put the trimmer very far into the nose. This is of course some kind of drawback.
The LED light is a nice idea, but something superfluous, since you can see nothing with the trimmer in the nose anyway.

Although it is not as quiet as hoped, but  when trimming the nose hair is no problem.
When trimming ear hair one notices it more clearly. 

After trimming, the shaving head can be removed without any problems and thus optimally cleaned. This works very well with the combination of running water and the subsequent use of the brush.


This trimmer has some small drawbacks, but it provides a solid result.
It is well placed in the hand, can be operated intuitively and also be switched off easily.

The device is easy to clean and removes the hair effectively and without pain.

The LED light really would not have been necessary, however, and it makes the shaving head become thicker downwards, which could lead to some problems,
if you have a nose with very small nasal holes.
So w
e only recommend this device if you do not have too small nostrils.

Shaving Head

Protective Cap



    Decent Price
✔    Good Trimming Experience


✘    Not useable when having small Nostrils
✘    No Battery included

   Scope of Delivery

⤷   Protective cap
⤷   Operation Manual