August 2017

Best Shavers Review

What does Shaving mean to you?

Daily evil, morning ritual, art? The grip on the razor, whether daily, every two days or less often – is something different for everyone.
For me it is a mixture of daily evil and art, depending on the mood. But the question remains the same: wet or dry? Before I answer this question, let’s go back a step and clarify what a dry and wet shave is and which different shaving tools are used.

Electric Shavers or Classic Style?

The dry Shave

It was Johann Bruecker, who invented the first dry shaving machine in 1915. At that time it was without electricity, but today’s dry shavers have electric drive causing the surely well-known noise. They (or rather the advertising trailers) promise a quick and easy handling of the daily shave.

The wet Shave

While shaving wet, you are not just the executing, but an decisive part of the shave. You decide the shaving direction, how fast to pull the blades over your skin, how much shaving soap you use and how strong the pressure is will be.
By all that you really are in charge of the result.

Dry Shaving:

There are two Types of Dry Shavers:

1. Devices with shear foil and oscillating head: The manufacturer Braun is the market leader. Facial hair is pressed through the shear foil and cut off along the foil by an inner, vibrating shear head. The typical shaving direction is against the line and usually linear.

2. Shavers with rotary heads: Here the company Philips or today Norelco is themarket leader. The beard stubble are cut by round, rotating shaver heads. Due to the round haeds, the typical shaving direction consists of circular movements.

As the plug of the dry shaver is simply plugged into the socket and then the device is only moved over the face in the shaving direction specified by the type of shaver being used, the wet shave is already somewhat more complex.

Here, in addition to the razor, it also needs a soap dish, shaving soap, shaving gel/foam or shaving cream,
a shaving brush and water.
First the shaving soap is watered and foamed with the shaving brush and placed on the face.
After all of these steps, the wet shave can take place.

Wet Shaving:

It has been around since the Stone Age or even longer.
But in contrast to the cavemen, who used mussels or appropriately
processed stones, you now enjoy the comfort of three different shaving types:

Straight Razor:
The oldest and most important way to remove facial hair.

Safety Razor:
Since the beginning of the last century, shaving planes known as safety shavers have been in use. King Camp Gillette is considered one of the inventors of this razor type and to this day there are countless brands of blades and shavers of this type.

Multi-Blade Cartridge Razor:
Probably the most common wet shaver. It is available with 2 to 7 blades, with movable blade head, with spring-mounted blades and lubricant strips

Safety Razors are divided into two types:

• DE: A razor blade with cutting surfaces at both ends. Here, the blade is placed manually into the open shaving head. There are two types: the disassembled shaving head and the TTO’s. In the case of the latter, a mechanism opens two flaps on the razor head for inserting the blade.

• SE: The principle, also known as a single edge, is similar to that of DE. But here the razor blades have only one cut surface.

Next Step: Evaluation

Now that you know about the different devices and designs for dry and wet razor, I come to the most important part of the article:
The advantages and disadvantages of the 2 different types of shaving.

Let us begin with the dry shavers:

Advantages of dry Shaving:

• easy to use
• speed
• Soap-free

Above all, the non-existent necessity of shaving soap makes the dry shave the mobile solution, with which you can shave yourself if necessary also on the way. The just shaved beard hair remains in the device and can be disposed of later.
No preparatory work such as watering and foaming of shaving soap, no additional items required such as shaving brushes, no beard hair in the sink and much more. What do you think the dry shave is the non plus ultra in the world of shaving?

Disadvantages of dry Shaving:

Right here, with the disadvantages, the spirits divide. What works well for one person and leads to a smooth shave is an after shave experience á la “Kevin alone at home” with others – as for example with me – on the skin. It’s burning.
The reason for this is simple: Men also have sensitive skin.

The dry razor dictates a certain shaving direction, usually against the grain. This, combined with the dryness that is mentioned, leads to the irritation of our sensitive men’s skin and consequently to the burning after the use of After Shave.

Also with regard to your creativity, the dry shaver does not leave you much room. Shortening, trimming, shaving. Artistic beards with designs? With the dry razor hard to not at all feasible.
Advantages of wet shaving

Advantages of wet Shaving:

• Gentle because of Soap or Foam
• Thoroughness
• More Creativity for your Beard-Styles

One of the most important benefits of the wet shave is you are in control of the entire shaving process.
You decide all components from choosing your favorite soap and razor type to the amount of pressure and shaving direction.

Disadvantages of wet Shaving:

The major drawback of wet shavers is that you have to learn the technique.
Just add shaving foam on it and go? It is not as simple as you know for sure.
For an optimal and irritation-free result, growth direction and much more must be considered.
And also the cost of the blades are the disadvantages of the wet razor.
These can be reduced by the use of a safety razor, but this again requires more know-how with regard to the handling.
If you enjoy the wet shave as meditative relaxation, the factor time is no disadvantage for you.  But it is a fact, however, that shaving wet is time consuming. Getting the soap and evrything your need, frothing up, applying, shaving in several directions, rinsing, etc., etc. It simply needs its time.

Are you late? Then the shaving must be done today. Because just shave somewhere quickly shave is not possible with the Nassrasur. As the name suggests, wet shaving is done here and a water source is needed.

Last but not least, the risk of injury must also be mentioned.
You know that certainly, once not properly watched and you already have blood on your face.
Thankfully, there is the styptic pencil, which stops the bleeding lightning fast and saves you from having patches all over the face.

My conclusion:

If you want to quickly get your shaving done, the dry shave is the right choice.

If you are a fan of shaving, enjoy the shaving routine and pay attention
to the utmost thoroughness and perfect control, or shaving even belongs to your relaxation program, you are well advised with the wet shave.

There are numerous reasons to choose one or the other way of shaving.

The most important thing, however, is that you feel comfortable with it. There is nothing to wet shaving just because it is perhaps just a trend. And just because a dry shaving can be seen in advertising as the perfect way of shaving, it does not have to be the right one for you.
So just try both.
Shave wet, sometimes dry and find out for yourself which one will be your best fit.

In short, the way of shaving is a question of personal taste.

Some Videos on Shaving

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